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Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds designed the natural playground at McCleary Playground in partnership with the City of Toronto and ING Direct as a community build project. This park was chosen within a neighbourhood that required green infrastructure, had predominantly young families with children and was a community desired playground. Further, the existing play structures were out of compliance, and the playground was subject to vandalism and misuse. It was essential during the design process that the surrounding community members were involved. They were included in a number of community consultation meetings as well as invited to be involved during the day of the build with 500 ING Direct volunteers. Since the park’s completion, there has not been any vandalism at the park, it is frequented by young mothers with their children, child care groups, and community members enticed by the unique qualities of the park. The playground is CSA compliant and is universally accessible (AODA). Elements within the space include: large pine trees for shade, large boulders, net climbers, balancing ropes, a hill slide, sand area, water misters, an upside down tree, and art walls.