At Bienenstock, we bring nature to life. Our designs can be found in cities, conservation authorities, museums, hospitals, childcares, schoolyards and backyards across Canada and the US. The key to a successful natural playground or green space plan is much more than just the technical design, it is how it inspires the community to engage with each other and nature. A participatory design process that is professionally and thoughtfully facilitated is vital to creating a space that is not only well designed but well-received. Parks and playgrounds that are animated and popular over the long term have engaged the user from before the first concept through to the programming of the space. At Bienenstock, we care about how your community members engage with nature and each other because that is what makes a better park.

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Our design team is not a traditional collection of architects. We are truly interdisciplinary. The design team holds degrees and diplomas in Early Childhood Education, Horticulture, Urban Planning, Kinesiology, Computer Software Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Architectural Rendering, and an MBA. Each member of our talented team has interned with our construction team building our parks and playgrounds. This not only ensures that our designs reflect the diversity of your community, but that the designs we create will be built on time and on budget. While we pride ourselves on the practicality and technical skill in our designs, it is the joy and beauty that they create that continues to distinguish us with awards and accolades.

Bienenstock is renowned for inclusive design facilitations that engage every student, parent, staff, admin, board member, teacher, maintenance, security and facilities team member. This takes a leap of faith from the client, but through an intense series of design charettes, no-one can say that they were not consulted. The result is a design that truly reflects the needs and desires of your team with everyone having a vested interest in its success.

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Not every project can afford a full and comprehensive design consultation so we have created a number of different service options to meet the unique needs of your budget, organisation and project.  From a full color concept for presentations and fundraising (presentation package), a package of drawings and specifications for the construction of your space (construction drawings package), or tender ready documents for organizations that want a project that can be put out to tender (Tender Package), we have a design process to meet your needs. All of these design processes involve our facilitative process and photo realistic 3D modelling for your group to fully understand and buy into the plan.

Need a design but can’t afford the full process? Try hosting a one or two day “Bringing Nature to Life Workshop”. Your facility will become a centre of excellence for connecting kids to nature while you receive a Bienenstock design as an outcome of the workshop. Contact us to learn more.

If you are looking for a superior design for your natural playground or greenspace, the team and the process must be as important as the outcome. Call us to begin the process.
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